Stock Code:832292

YanZhou ShuGuang Cable Co.,LTD.

  • 1985
  •  1990
  • 1992
  • 2004
  • 2012
  • 2015
  • Oct.
    Gaoyou Lingtang Cable factory was built to produce the special wires and cable to play a supplementary role in the trade. The products mainly provide supporting service for military industrial enterprise and scientific research institution.
  • Apr.
    It is renamed Yangzhou Shuguang Cable factory. Following the series computer control cables being developed, the supplying range was enlarged & capability was increased. 
  • Oct.
    Yangzhou Shuguang cable factory was renamed State Yangzhou Shuguang cable factory. In 1997, HV cross-linked cable production lines made in Finland and Germany were introduced to produce 10-35KV HV cross-linking cable. The products market covers thermal power, white fuel, power transformation, metallurgy and transportation trade. 
  • Dec.
    It was renamed into Yangzhou Shuguang Cable Co., Ltd. The market was enlarged into petrochemical industry, nuclear power, railway and coal mine field. In 2009, the most advanced 500KV cross-linking cable production line and inspection facilities were introduced from Germany, Finland, French and Switzerland, it possesses the capability to produce EHV cables.
  • Dec.
    Yangzhou Shuguang Cable Co., Ltd. was built after shareholding reform to set up modern enterprise system. 
  • Apr.
    On 22nd Apr. 2015, Yangzhou Shuguang Cable Co., Ltd sweep through Nationwide middle and small-sized enterprise share transformation system audit, succeed in listing in National Equities Exchange and quotations. Stock code: 832292.